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VPS Service Description

Technical Delivery Details - VPS

Virtualization & Hosting

  • Virtualization Technology: We utilize Virtualizor as our hypervisor and adopt KVM for virtualization, ensuring reliability and performance.

  • No Overselling: Integrity is core to our service; hence, we do not oversell our VPS services.

  • Hosting Location: At the moment, our VPS services are exclusively hosted in Sofia, Bulgaria.


  • Email Notification: Upon the creation of a VPS, users will be notified via email with crucial data including the root password.

  • Security Recommendations: We urge users to change the root password post-receipt for security purposes. Alternatively, SSH keys are advocated as one of the most secure authentication methods.

Control Panel & Features

  • Dedicated Control Panel: Users are provided with a dedicated control panel accessible at Through this panel, you can:

    • Start, stop, and restart your VPS
    • Reinstall the OS
    • Change the root password
    • Harness all features that Virtualizor offers

Learn More & Ordering

Discover further details or place an order by visiting our VPS Service Page.